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Bushmills & District MCC

07522508817 /

Coventry Junior Motocross Club

07946011588 /


02840671443 / 07522049480 /

Somerset Scramble Club

07854171237 /

YMSA Midlands

01226712415 / 07854018621 /

Momentum Motocross Club

Tel. 00353864576672 /

Motocross is a form of off-road motorcycle racing held on enclosed specifically designed circuits. Motocross first evolved in the UK from Trial competitions around 1909 – 1912. The first known ‘scramble’ race took place at Camberley in Surrey in 1924.

In the current climate, Motocross circuits usually consist of a range of demanding jumps, tight turns and fast-flowing straights and can be upon a wide variety of terrains.

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